LAMINATE / What is laminate flooring?

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The word ‘laminate’ has entered our lexicon and refers to what professionals call ‘laminate flooring’. Unfortunately, most people still have only a vague idea of what this covers. That many equate it with parquet flooring, and some don’t even suspect that it is plastic, is a big confusion.

Laminate first appeared in Sweden in the mid-1980s, and is one of the most innovative and daring designs from the country. Since then it has quickly conquered the world and today has become the most popular type of flooring across the globe. The secret of laminate’s success is in its simplicity, dependability, durability, modesty and usability, along with the accessibility and unlimited design possibilities that this amazing material provides.

The genius of laminate is simple. It consists of several layers of different material, hard pressed together into a flat, smooth panel.

High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) is used as a base for the production of laminate flooring. It is precisely this rigid component of the design that performs its most important function: along the perimeters is a grooved locking system, which allows the floorboards to firmly connect to each other without any gaps.

A lower stabilising layer of unrefined resin-soaked paper, a balancer, is designed to protect the floorboards from deformation and to increase rigidity. The quality of the resin used in the production was perfected long ago, and meets all international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection.

The upper layer is coated with a special film of melamine or acrylic resin, very durable and superior in property to virtually all paint and parquet varnishes. This layer provides the laminate with reliable protection against abrasion and impacts.

A decorative paper layer provides the wooden pattern and surface texture. The use of decorative paper, designed for us by the leading German manufacturers of decorative paper, Schattdecor and Interprint, allows for the imitation of any tree species including rare and costly woods. This is exactly why many mistake laminate for parquet.

As you can see, the quality of the laminate depends only on the quality of its construction materials and the quality of the production techniques and equipment used. Floorpan laminate is made in Russia with the most modern German equipment from natural Russian raw lumber materials.