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Caring for laminate

Laminate is a robust and wear-resistant material, well resistant even under heavy use. However, the more carefully you look after it, the longer it will please you with an attractive appearance. It is not difficult to care for laminate.

The basic rules for laminate care:

  • Wash laminate with warm water and a small addition of soap. Dry well with a cloth.
  • When cleaning change the bucket of water often.
  • Try to sweep or vacuum regularly. This will remove dust and hard silt from the floor which may damage it.
  • Try to wipe up spills immediately. Make sure that puddles never form upon the laminate, especially at the seams.
  • Be aware that heavy furniture on wheels or with iron legs can push up the flooring. You can use felt, carpet or special plastic supports to solve the problem.
  • Small dents from sharp objects can be fixed using the special paste in a suitable shade.
  • Do not rub laminate with wax, polish or silicone-based cleaner. These leave oil stains that are difficult to remove.
  • Never clean up dirt with hard brushes and abrasive cleaners. It is better to gently moisten the stain with warm soapy water and wipe it with a well wrung out damp cloth.

In general, laminate flooring is not complicated. For perfect appearance, wet clean regularly. Cloth or microfiber mops are laminate’s best friends.