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Floorpan – all genius is simple

Simple things are so familiar that we don’t think twice about how much ease they bring. But if we take a moment to remember that the most mundane items – the toothbrush, the zip, the ballpoint pen, the watch, glasses, the iron, the hair dryer, the telephone and many others – didn’t at one time exist at all, we inevitably arrive at the thought that we are the happiest of people. After all, we are fortunate to live among so many comfortable and useful things donated to us thanks to the genius and hard work of previous generations!

The Floorpan philosophy holds that the simplest and most common human things are our most loyal and reliable friends, created for a single purpose – to make life better. Floorpan laminate flooring is just as brilliant in its simplicity as many other achievements of humanity. It will serve you day in and day out for many years, decorating your interior and creating for you imperceptible, but perhaps indispensable true home comfort.

Floorpan is well known abroad, but for Russian is still a new brand of modern high-quality laminate flooring. Floorpan is produced in a wide assortment of more than 60 designs, divided into five collections for the convenience of the customer. All Floorpan designs are produced by the German companies Schattdecor and Interprint, world-famous in the interior design industry.

Floorpan laminate meets modern international standards ISO 9001: 2008, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, and CE with all proper certification. It is produced in strict accordance with the most advanced technology for the production of laminate floors, with modern German equipment and Russian raw materials in Russian-built factories.