Floorpan / The benefits of laminate

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Laminate is extremely easy to assemble.
Floorpan floorboards lock themselves together with the Uniclick system and are not fixed to the floor.
Whenever it may be required (replacing floorboards or moving), you will easily be able to disassemble and reassemble your floor.
Unlike parquet, laminate does not require scraping, sanding or varnishing.
The resin used includes UV-filters.
Floorpan floors will not therefore be damaged by sunlight.
Laminate is easy to clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap and water solution.
Any more serious mess can be easily removed by using a small amount of acetone.
Laminate has a high resistance to physical stresses.
No sign of marks from heels or pet claws
Floorpan laminate has a certain amount of fire resistance.
A fallen cigarette butt would not leave a mark, for example.