ABOUT US / Kastamonu


The creator of Floorpan – the Turkish company KASTAMONU – is one of the world leaders in the furniture and construction industries. The history of the country spans 45 years and is rich in major achievements.

Since 1994, KASTAMONU has pursued active expansion into Europe, regularly opening new factories, increasing production and gaining new markets. To date, KASTAMONU owns a total of 13 factories in Russia, Turkey and four other European countries.

Europe’s Largest
Opening in 2014, the Tatarstan factory for the production of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), DCP (Chipboard), OSB and laminate flooring became the first KASTAMONU enterprise in Russia, and at the same time the largest woodworking enterprise in Europe. The factory started to manufacture products using MDF and laminate floors. Output at full capacity is planned for the first quarter of 2018. By that time, the total output of KASTAMONU products will reach almost 2 million m³ per year.

You can learn more about the success stories, companies and products of KASTAMONU via the official website www.kastamonu.ru